Friday, July 22, 2011

Cool Contest..You should Check it out!

So I was over at my friend Jingle's blog and she had a post about this cool contest at Retro Cafe Art. It looks soooooo cool...and I love these Shrines...very cool and lots of ideas come to mind... SO Anyway..I decided to share as requested..

The Rules:
1. Create up to 3 pieces of art using any Coffee Break Design Shrine Kit (any of the kits in this category count, even the shelf shrines and tiny shrine charms - it doesn't matter where you purchased the kit, or how long ago it was!) and send us your photos. You can have 1, 2 or 3 entries. The art can be whatever you wish. A stand alone shrine, a shrine as part of another piece, jewelry, etc. Just as long as each piece has at least one of the products in the Shrine Kit category!

2. Email your photos to subject: Shrine Kit Contest. Please do a separate photo for each entry. Files between 200 -300 KB preferred. I will post these photos on our Facebook page in a special album as they are received. Please include your full name in your email. Again, we only need photos, not the actual art!

3. Deadline is September 2nd. This will give you 6 weeks to get your shrine photos to us!

4. We love our International customers and you are welcome to play!

The Prizes:
1. $200 in gift certificates will be awarded - our biggest contest yet! Two winners, which will be selected using a random number generator will each win a $50 gift certificate to Retro Café Art Gallery! I’ll be using the photos in the Facebook album to create the number system.

2. A THIRD and FOURTH winner will also win a $50 gift certificate to Retro Café Art Gallery. Christopher, the unbiased judge, will pick his top 5 favorites which will be posted to this blog. Then YOU will vote for your favorite by leaving a comment! The top 2 will win the certificates.

3. ALL players will receive 2 special digital collage sheets just for playing, so everyone WINS!

4. There must be at least 6 entries for the contest to take place. In the event that there aren't enough entries, all contestants will be given a prize!

Spread the Word and get a Gift:
1. If you would like to help spread the word about our contest, you will get our brand new Beautiful Roses Digital Collage Sheet free as a Thank you! One sheet per person, though you are welcome to post in multiple places with great appreciation.

2. Post about this contest on your blog, Facebook, website, etc. and link back to THIS post. Email me at and show me where you have posted, and I will email you your digital collage sheet! So even if you don’t play, you can still win! Feel free to use the button above, though it’s not required.

Well, I will definately be making some time to try and enter this contest...Hope to see your work there as well..

Friday, July 15, 2011

Update on the Chicks and a layout

Well , Its Friday once again... and before you know it it will be Monday... and the whole viscous circle will start again lol. Well at least I got a little scrappy time in...

Weather here has been so I decided to let the babies go play in the garden and spread theie wings...they absolutly loved it...
Hope you all have a fabulous day and weekend, we will have some total fun at the beach...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Its a boy or maybe a girl...and actually there is four

Confused? LOL
A while back I had talked about bringing home some eggs from my friends chicken coop, well they are hatching...We are up to 4 baby chics right now and looks like there will be about 5-7 more.

Ha Ha...I thought my baby days were over!

Happy Forth of July!