Monday, October 31, 2011

I love my Friends!

Ever have one of those weeks...where you just cant seem t get out of your own way..Well that was me last week..In a funk and not feeling at all crafty...Enter my Friend Jen..we call her  Jingle...She is one of the coolest upbeat super talented crafty gals I know...She sends me a text asking for my address...I give it to her and a few days later receive a really nice card from her...and enclosed is ( Big drumroll please) A coupon from Old Navy for a free coat....Yes People I said FREE so off I take myself to Old Navy and buy this super cute Camel colored winter coat. Just what I needed for a lil pick me up....So If you didnt already do so...Click on the word Jingle up above..It will bring you to her blog...where you will be amazed and astonished at how super cool and crafty this girl is! Great big Thank You to Jennifer!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

SO I promised you I would post pics.... I dont know How I feel about the way mine came out but..It was a very good time had by all, with some making off the wall pumpkins some doing traditional jack-o-lanterns, and Eileen and I carved to of the faux pumpkins that you find at michaels...less mess and it went much quicker... Mine really only looked good lit up at night so here it is...

Its supposed to be a vampire going after a ladies neck...
And here is a picture of all of the pumpkins...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Good Morning All...Just stopping by quick to post a card I made. Got lots going on this weekend...Took a ride to Bass Pro Shop yesterday in search of Feathers for Eileen and Boots for Zackary. Today we are going to carve some fake pumpkins at a friends house...Hope you all have a great day...Stay tuned tomorrow for pics of the pumpkins.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A new Challenge

So, there I was blog surfing and discovering..looking for a new challenge...and BAMB! While perusing one of my fav blogs Ewen Style I happen across a new site with a  Color challenge I could do Play Date Cafe then I looked around my scrap space for some playful little things and realized...all my crafty goodness was at my boyfriend Kevin's house....hmmm. Time to use what ya got! and I did it...It worked...
Thanks for coming by and checking it out....

Where did it go?

Ever have one of those scratch your head moments? Where you know you have own it...and you put it some place for safe keeping...but by golly you cant recall where that place might be! Ha Ha..I have these moments often...

I made this really nice Halloween wreath a couple of years back at my LSS, It was a cool class using cosmo cricket goodies that one of the fabulous ladies, Nancy, from A Time for memories was teaching... Well, I loved this wreath let me tell you...and When I moved ..I'm pretty sure I made sure to snag it..but alas..I scratch my head in disbelief that I cannot find the thing....

So I shall post it here as oppose to my front door to both myself and my veiwers to enjoy for the Halloween season. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Yabba Dabba Dooo!

Insert Loud industrial whistle noise here ( You know like on the flinstones)..It's almost quitting time on Friday before a long weekend, and I may even get out a lil early..woo hoo.. SO I have plans this weekend ..and the next week for that matter...scrapping and card making I say! My boys have headed off to Disneyworld with their Dad and I have some time to my self...I will be heading over to Kevins house most of the time and I have set up shop in his spare room with all my crafty stuff so I can play when ever the urge hits!

We will also be taking a trip to the Topsfield oppurtunity!! which means more scrapping..YAY!

Well..Ta Ta for now...see you soon!