Monday, October 31, 2011

I love my Friends!

Ever have one of those weeks...where you just cant seem t get out of your own way..Well that was me last week..In a funk and not feeling at all crafty...Enter my Friend Jen..we call her  Jingle...She is one of the coolest upbeat super talented crafty gals I know...She sends me a text asking for my address...I give it to her and a few days later receive a really nice card from her...and enclosed is ( Big drumroll please) A coupon from Old Navy for a free coat....Yes People I said FREE so off I take myself to Old Navy and buy this super cute Camel colored winter coat. Just what I needed for a lil pick me up....So If you didnt already do so...Click on the word Jingle up above..It will bring you to her blog...where you will be amazed and astonished at how super cool and crafty this girl is! Great big Thank You to Jennifer!!


Jingle said...

You are QUITE welcome, my dear! The coat you picked is super cute! I'm glad you love it!!!

Lillian Child said...

Yep, Jingle is a SWEETHEART! She sent me here and I am now a follower of your delightful blog. Stop over to my blog sometime and give me a shout out!